Steven Nornhold

Welcome to "Hear the Music Live". We understand that pre-teens and teens in foster care homes or orphanages may not have the opportunity to enjoy music activities like attending live concert performances and/or taking music lessons. We hope to bring some joy to these children by providing them with the opportunity to experience these valuable music activities. I have enjoyed music my entire life. I know the positive impact that both learning music and attending live musical performances can provide to young people. I personally have excellent memories of the live performances that I attended as a teenager and how I was in awe – watching my favorite bands and guitar heroes perform live in concert. I am now a proud father of three children, two daughters and one son. I frequently attend live musical events with my two pre-teen daughters and I look forward to having my son join us when he gets older. I see the enjoyment my daughters experience through music and I would like to enable this opportunity to pre-teens and teens in foster care homes or orphanages. Please explore our site and learn more about our: mission, goals, and organization. We hope that you’ll be moved to get involved. We have many volunteer opportunities to suit your talents, and we always welcome new donors and sponsors. Thank you for visiting our Web site!

Warmest Wishes, Steven Nornhold

Aimee White


Welcome to Hear the Music Live!  Since 2009, I have been involved with distributing donations we receive from artists, venues, artist management, promoters and individual donors.  It's the best job in the world to give the gift of a live music experience to youth in foster care!  They are so appreciative and excited to see their favorite artists and it is a much needed respite from the real issues they struggle with daily.  Please let me know how I can assist you in donating.  I will make it easy!

Live music has always been a huge part of my life.  I've always enjoyed concerts, festivals, small performances and as a mother, I get to share these wonderful experiences with my children.  

Kindest regards, Aimee White aimee_white@hearthemusiclive.org

Performers often speak of the thrill experienced when playing live. The tangible exchange of energy between musician and audience. This holds true for those in audience as well. Attending a live music performance is not a passive event; every one there is a participant. Being able to provide children and teens a chance to participate in the magic of music is very special to me. As a long-time guitar player I have had the opportunity to indulge an entrepreneurial spirit in music-related fields. Together with my wife, and at times our children, we have developed, produced, and sold components to improve the sound of acoustic guitars. I displayed at the summer NAMM show in Indianapolis, IN a few years back and spent time discussing cabinets with Bob Taylor. He provided great input on the future development of one of my cabinets. In addition to NAMM, I regularly attend the Healdsburg, CA guitar festival and have the pleasure of interacting with some of finest luthiers in the world, including Taylor Guitars.

Warmest Regards, Lawrence Betzel

Lawrence Betzel

Karen Adams

I am thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Steve and Hear the Music Live to bring music to children, our most precious of all resources. As a child, summers consisted of my neighborhood friends and I lip syncing to our favorite songs or teaching each other the latest dance move. The radio was turned off only after the final warnings from our parents. I will never forget my first major artist outdoor concert. Peter Frampton was performing and taping his "Frampton Comes Alive" album and I was within fifteen feet of the stage. To this day, when one of his songs plays on my IPod, I am right back there at that concert, captivated by the joy of the experience. At present, my husband and son are avid guitar players and my daughter and I are still lip syncing and dancing to our favorite songs. As a former Business Administrator and Fund Development Director for women & children shelters, back-to-school drives, and feeding programs, my responsibilities encompassed fund raising; grant writing, business development, acting as liaison for board of directors, and recruitment/oversight of staff and volunteers. I am honored to bring these skill sets to Hear the Music Live. There is a stillness that occurs when you look into the eyes of a child. When you see the world through their eyes, and change that view for even a few hours, their world is changed forever. Universe translated is, ‘One Song’. I look forward to working with our extended community.

Warmest Regards, Karen Adams

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